Song 3

Here You will find a poem by Edmund Waller (1606-78) called “To my young Lady”. Click on  YoungLady to see the scores by G.v.Woggelum.

Click on the play button to hear the first and last stanza performed by Tom White.

To my young Lady, Lucy Sidney

 Why came I so untimely forth
Into a world which wanting thee
Could entertaine us with no worth
Or shadow of felicity ?
That time should me so far remove
From that which I was born to love

Yet fairest blossome do not slight
That age which you may know so soone;
The rosy morne resignes her light
And milder glory to the noon;
And then what wonders shall you do
Whose dawning beauty warmes us so ?
Hope waits upon the flowry prime;
And summer though it be lesse gay,
Yet is not look’d on as a time
Of declination or decay:
For with a full hand that doth bring
All that was promis’d by the spring

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